Kaleidescape Experience

Visit our showroom and enjoy a truly incredible Kaleidescape Experience.
Be Surprised by the unique way to view and digital store your Blu-Ray and Dvds collection.

Kaleidescape offers you an outstanding experience. Press PLAY and lights are dimmed, the screen comes down, the projector and sound system turn on, and the movie starts playing automatically without the usual warnings, reviews and menus.

The Kaleidescape system allows you to store and catalogue a thousands of Blu-Rays, DvDs and CDs, through physical disks or movies and dowloaded albuns from the Kaleidescape Store (avalaible soon).
Access yout Digital Library through a single interface and browse by titles, genres, directors and favorite actors.
The Kaleidescape system communicates with all control systems in your home (Birdie, Savant, Control4, and son on) and gives you an amazing experience watching you favorite movies with family.
Life Emotions is Authorized Kaleidescape Deaker since 2011 and invites you to visit our showroom to experience the Cinema One System with Disc Vault.

If you are passionate about movies,
don't hesitate to visit us.
We promise to surprise you
with an excellent qualify of sound and image,
but above all the ease in which you
can watch movies in comfort of
your own home.

Book an appointment to visit us at our showroom in Lisbon. Please send an email to info@life-emotions.pt. We look forward to your visit.