Workshop promoted by Life Emotions and The Button Corporation

Life Emotions and The Button Corporation promoted a workshop to integrate BTTN technology with home automation system for residential sector as well as the development of solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the European market.


Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, The Button Corporation developed the BTTN - a push button connected to the Internet that can trigger predefined actions.

It can be used for sending messages, for equipment control such as turn on or off the background music, among others. The actions are defined through website and it requires no smartphone or app.

The workshop took place on October in Portugal and brought together the team of Life Emotions and The Button Corporation. There was a sharing of know-how in home automation and control systems and it was also a great opportunity to identify some use cases for BTTN integrated with the control systems of a dwelling.

The workshop ended with the creation of two scenarios. The first one was called “OUT” – which close all the shutters of the house and turn off the lights. And the other one called “PARTY” - which turned on and off all lights, several times, when the button was pressed.

It was a privilege for Life Emotions to participate in the workshop and share experience with The Button Corporation team.

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