Life Emotions wins another international prize:
Basalte Awards 2018

Life Emotions is pleased to announce the winning of another international prize. The Basalte Awards 2018 distinguish the most exceptional high-end residential projects worldwide that include the integration of Basalte products.
The prizes have been delivered to projects coming from Germany, UK, China, Poland and Portugal, and its winners were unveiled during the international Lighting+Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany, dedicated to the design and technological integration industry for lighting, electronic engineering, residential automation and construction.

A residence that mirrors the uniqueness and perfectionism
of Life Emotions and where discreet luxury conquers us
with its omnipresence.

SENTIDO multi-function switch that allows control of lighting, air conditioning and door opening.

The Project

The jury valorised and appreciated the simple aesthetics of applying Basalte products in the Life Emotions project and the perfect combination between them: Sentido + Deseo + Auro + Eve on a splendid residence situated in front of the Atlantic Ocean that shares a neighbourhood with one of the best golf courses of Portugal and conceived by one of the best portuguese architects: Frederico Valsassina.

The DESEO thermostat allows to select the desired temperature, lighting, blackouts and scenarios.

A mansion of unparalleled sobriety, heavenly minimalist, accompanied by refined technology and where Basalte products become precious pieces of design and functionality. Life Emotions conceived a project of technological integration based on one of the client'sfavourite mottos: less is more. Lower technological complexity means greater ease of use, greater comfort, safety and tranquillity, materialized in an integrated system of lighting control, air conditioning, natural light intensity and motion sensors.

The perfect lighting and environment to enjoy the best moments of life.

The dual switch​ SENTIDO in perfect symbiosis with the architecture and interior design.

The house will be used especially during the weekends, being very important for the family, its easy and carefree use. The complex climate control system has three independent systems that must work together. The usual thermostats have been removed from the walls and the large glass windows that faces the ocean are electrically controlled with Basalte because the customer does not appreciate the usual buttons of the market. Therefore, the result is an elegant equipment in parallel with aesthetics of the white concrete walls, replacing the usual visual pollution of numerous props with different functions and designs. .

The EVE frame for iPad allows to choose the ideal playlist for a workout of excellence.

The same switches concentrate several functions in order to avoid an infinity of equipment, being able to manage lighting, opening doors, blackouts, and even selecting the "farewell" mode, meaning, it allows the customer to leave the house without worries putting the air conditioning system on stand-by, turning off the lights, closing the windows blackouts, checking if any doors are open and turning off all audio and video equipment.

AURO motion sensors whose night mode provides enough visibility to walk around the house without worries.