Chiado Residence

It is in this encounter between Tagus and Chiado that this fabulous apartment, refined, exquisitely intelligent, exhibits a disconcerting tranquillity and undisturbedly pleasure while the streets of Lisbon breathe energy and youth.

A 100% Life Emotions project dedicated to the lifestyle of a modern classy family!

The elegant combination of technology with classic interior design.

This apartment is a prime example of Life Emotions technical versatility where the most personalized requirements are concentrated to a satisfied family with full technology integration throughout the home. The versatility of excellence consists, for example, of making it possible to see 4K (ultra-definition) television in 8 rooms of the house with the simultaneous inclusion of two telecommunication operators, so that each member of the family could access all desired channels independently of the space where it is.

For the family's tranquillity, a video surveillance camera discreetly installed in the ceiling accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.