Unforgettable moments at the best cinema in the world: your own home!

Watch your favourite movies, delight with your favourite concerts and feel the emotion of your favourite sports matches. Enjoy the most intense and realistic experiences in your own personal cinema at home and even in your garden.
Luxury customized spaces designed with every detail in mind for the full enjoyment of all our clients' desires.

. Drop-down ceiling projectors and screens;
. TV screens concealed behind furniture and pictures;
. Ceiling and wall-integrated sound systems;
. Elegant and cosy lighting;
. Acoustic insulation;
. Easy-to-use interface for choosing movies.
Total Luxury

Party the night away in private with your favourite ambient or dance music in any room of the house. Get up to date with all the latest TV programmes, watch films or view your photos in your personal library, all using the highest possible sound and image definition and connectivity.
Intelligent and innovative solutions that integrate imperceptibly with the luxurious architecture and design on the inside and outside of your home.
Watch and listen to whatever you want in any room of the house via a centralised system that’s easy to control.

. Amplifiers, subwoofers and receivers;
. Live concert quality sound reproduction;
. Song library updated and synchronised with iTunes or Spotify;
. Systems integrated into the decor or hidden in special cupboards.

. Films in Blu-ray format with 7-times higher resolution than DVD;
. Thousands of films and photos available in your digital library;
. All cables and components necessary to operate the system simply organised and easy to access.
Customised Ambiences

Pure lighting adapted to suit your needs in every room of your home. Set the amount of natural light by automatically controlling blinds and curtains. Create a cosy atmosphere by regulating the intensity of light and mood you want inside your home.
Give even your outdoor areas the perfect sophistication. Provide the best atmosphere for entertaining friends in the evenings under the moonlight in the garden.

. Control lighting intensity with dimmer switches;
. A control platform that allows you to vary the intensity of light depending on the mood required;
. Provide cosy ambiences with lower light settings;
. Electric shutters, blinds and curtains that maintain the degree of brightness required and control the heating/cooling of each room in your home;
. Save energy.

. Adjusted to the intensity of sunlight;
. Stays off during the day to cut down on energy consumption;
. Night lighting adjusted to the hours required;
. Choise of colours for garden and pool lighting.
Excellence and Comfort

The temperature you want throughout your home. Maintain a comfortable atmosphere, programme your bath, and regulate your spa and the temperature of the water in the pool.
Don’t worry about the details, your home is ready for you whenever you want. Putting comfort at the service of luxury.
We programme your heating system to suit your requirements and we set the temperature you want when you return home.

. Temperatures adjusted to the climate conditions and levels of moisture;
. Temperatures adjusted to suit your timetable and holidays; . Remote control of the heating system, ventilation and air conditioning;
. A more efficient home using 30-70% less energy.

. Temperature control for the water in your bath, Jacuzzi and spa;
. Temperature control for the water in your pool;
. Retractable pool cover;
. Activation control for fountains and cascades inside and outside the home;
. Control of the garden sprinkler system.
Smart, Connected and Convenient


Do you have frequent problems with your Wi-Fi connection?
Life Emotions ensures a service that puts Internet in all the rooms of your house with great signal, its channels available in all the screens of the house and the telephone in the places that you want.
Control your home, anytime, anywhere, through a custom interface and tailored to your needs on your preferred mobile device.
Surprise your friends every time you select an interface option on your stylish touchscreen, tablet or mobile phone.

. Internet in every room of your home with excellent reception;
. TV channels available on every screen in the house;
. Telephone from wherever you need to;
. Customised interface on your smartphone.
Security whatever the time and whatever the place

See who’s ringing the doorbell in real time via your smartphone and set who’s allowed access to the house through biometric data or fingerprint sensor.
Your home breathes like a living being. Scenarios and routines are simulated as if you were at home, even if you’re away on a journey.
Leave all your worries at the door. You’ll receive warnings about third-party intruders, smoke, fire, flooding and gas leaks and the relevant authorities will be immediately contacted.

. Intercom that allows you to speak, see and open the front door;
. Monitor who rings the doorbell via your tablet or mobile phone;
. Access code and electrically operated gates;
. 24-hour monitoring alarm.
. Surveillance cameras.

. Access to the interior of the house by code, biometric data and fingerprint reader;
. Movement sensor and thermal surveillance cameras;
. Simulation of daily routine via the use of lighting, movement of blinds and curtains, sound of doors closing and use of a simulator of people talking and dogs barking;
. Security alarm for artworks in the event they are handled while you are away.

. Smoke, fire, flooding and gas leak alarms;
. Remote control of equipment for your security.

Relevant authorities contacted immediately in the event of an accident or intrusion.