Cedia Membership Renewal

Life Emotions renewed, for the fourth consecutive year, the CEDIA certified professional installer.
CEDIA is a global trade association of companies that specialize in designing and installing electronic equipment for the home.
CEDIA provides to its members training, tools and resources that complement the knowledge of professionals and stimulate competitiveness in the market of residential installers.
CEDIA members comply with a strict code of conduct aimed at ensuring the use of best ethics and professional practices in order to give to its customers a specialized monitoring and a correct planning and installation of electronic equipment at home.

The Life Emotions professionals are certified by CEDIA and meet the highest industry standards. The Life Emotions certification aims not only to ensure the offer of excellent service to our customers, by delivering of latest technological innovations and the appropriate solution to the lifestyle of the client, as the guarantee of reliable service.
More information: www.cedia.net