The most intense and realistic experiences in your own personal cinema at home.

An elegant home cinema project, located in Algarve, with "stars" on the ceiling. Our brief was to design, supply and integrate an elegant home cinema solution.

Acoustic treatments were key to the room's success: the side and back walls were wall covered with fabric acoustic panel lined in grey colour, the front wall was covered with fabric acoustic panel lined in black and the ceiling was coated with perforated gypsum boards. In the floor, the Client wanted to preserve the floor in natural wood, similar to the others home divisions.

Every system in this room was integrated into Savant interface and the control could be also done by Savant PRO Remote, which is very intuitive and easy to use.

Finally, to set lighting scenes for different viewing scenarios, we installed one Basalte keypad in the entrance of the room in brushed black finish in order to maintain the harmony of the cinema room design.